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Hotel El Jardín de la Abadía

Made up of five centres, Arroyo, La Flecha, Monasterio, La Vega and Sotoverde, the municipality of Arroyo de la Encomienda can seem a little disperse due to the separation of its two main and oldest urban centres, Arroyo and La Flecha, which are separated by the Salamanca motorway.
Due to the demographic growth, the make-up of the municipality has gone through important changes, of the four centres which form part of it, Arroyo is the oldest, La Flecha, is the most well-known and the other two urban areas consolidated within the last decade are La Vega and el Monasterio, with these last two constantly growing.

The hotel is located in the old nucleus and if you want to go for a walk, you can do so via the Paseo de los Lirios which borders the riverbank of the Pisuerga; through here you’ll also find a quay, a botanical garden and nature at its finest.
The hotel is surrounded by old homes which give it its Castilian village charm. There is also a sport area very close to the hotel with a spa, hairdressers and a supermarket.